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Performance characteristics and operation skills of graphite rotor

September 07, 2023


Graphite rotor is a component of aluminum alloy smelting equipment, aluminum alloy smelting process will produce hydrogen and oxidation waste slag, to be purified and removed by refining degassing machine, graphite rotor is one of the indispensable parts of refining degassing degassing machine. Graphite rotor is composed of rotor rod and nozzle.


Used for aluminum, alloy, zinc and other casting industry purification, slag removal, degassing, blowing and so on.


The drive system drives the graphite rotor to rotate, and inert gas (argon or nitrogen) is blown into the aluminum melt through the rotor rod and nozzle. The high-speed rotating graphite rotor breaks up argon or nitrogen into the aluminum melt to form many small bubbles, which are dispersed in the liquid metal. At the same time, the rotating rotor also promotes the diffusion of hydrogen and inclusions in the aluminum melt, making them contact with the bubbles. In the melt, the bubbles absorb the hydrogen in the melt and adsorb the oxidation slag by the partial pressure difference of gas and the principle of surface adsorption. And as bubbles rise, they are carried away from the surface of the melt, so that the melt can be purified. Due to the small dispersion of bubbles, they are evenly mixed with the rotating molten liquid, and then rotate in a spiral shape and slowly float up. When contacting with liquid aluminum, no continuous straight rise of air flow will be formed, thus significantly improved.